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Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Boat Rides' FAQ's

Here’s a list of the most common questions/inquiries we encounter daily. If your questions aren’t answered here please call us or reach out to us through email!


Classic Boat Rides LLC / Charters may only be canceled by the Captain and crew due to impending bad weather.  We check the weather before all trips.  Don’t let the hype of the TV weatherman ruin your plans for a fun day.  The boat sails in light rain and light winds.  Charters may also be canceled due to unforeseen mechanical failure.  In the event of cancellation, Classic Boat Rides LLC will make the best efforts to reschedule the charter.  If a new date can’t be agreed to the deposit will be refunded.   If the customer cancels the charter for any reason, customer will be charged the full price and receive a credit for a future charter.  If the customers cancel the day of the trip, an additional $400 fee will be charged to cover the costs of vessel and Captain Preparation.  Classic Boat Rides LLC and their Boats are licensed by the state of NJ to sell alcoholic beverages while under way. Outside drinks of any kind are not permitted.  Unsafe behavior by any passengers may be cause for cancelation with no refunds.  Swimming and diving are not permitted.  PLEASE NOTE: THE CAPTAIN AND CREW ARE THERE FOR YOUR SAFETY AND TO OPERATE THE VESSEL.  WE ARE NOT THERE TO SUPERVISE CHILDREN OR YOUNG ADULTS.  THE BEHAVIOR AND SUPER VISION OF CHILDREN IS THE CHARTERS RESPONSIBILITY.