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DEPOSIT: A deposit is required to hold the date.  You can charter any of our 3 boats with the BOOK ONLINE NOW  button .  The 100+ Passenger Navesink Queen -  The 35+ passenger Mariner and the 6 passenger Lady Jill.  All charters and public trips are booked online.

BALANCE:  The balance will be paid on the day of the trip thru  the FARE HARBOR booking software that you paid the deposit with.   A bar tab and  bar tip can be paid at the end of the trip thru a separate transaction with cash, check or card.  The crew tip will be included in the balance payment. Navesink Queen - 20% of the charter price will be added for the crew tip.  Mariner - 15% of the charter price will be added for the crew tip.  Lady Jill charters are paid in full and the tip can be added at booking or given to the Captain.

WEATHER: We can often get trips in with light rain with little wind. High winds and heavy rains would be reason to cancel the trip. Clouds and the chance of pop-up showers are not reason to cancel. If we must cancel the trip for weather, we will find another date for you. If we can’t find another date your deposit will be refunded. More details about this are in your charter agreement.

DRINKS: You can run a tab for drinks and pay at the end or have cash bar. We have a full-service bar and are licensed by the state of NJ to serve alcohol to those 21 and over. We also sell bottled water and soda. Outside beverages are not permitted. If you have any special drink request let us know.

FOOD: Most folks arrange for catering and self-serve. Your caterer should be prepared to deliver to the boat and set up the food. If you self-cater you are responsible for set up, serving and break down. If you would like us to take care of the catering, we will arrange to have an extra crew member to assist with food management during the trip.

MUSIC: Navesink Queen - We have a very nice multi-level sound system that you can Blue Tooth your playlist to. We also have a premium SPODIFY account with access to many playlists for you. We or you could also arrange for a DJ or band. Mariner also has a blue tooth sound system.  The Lady Jill has a blue tooth speaker for your playlist as well.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Navesink Queen has a wireless MIC for your speeches that can be heard on both levels. Mariner has a chorded MIC for main deck announcements. Music cannot be heard during the speech as the sound system will be switched over to MIC input.

PA SYSTEM: For a separate fee ($150 as of 10/23/22) we can also set up a separate 2 speaker PA system aboard the Navesink Queen that can be heard only on the deck it is set up on. This is a nice option if you want to play “blue tooth DJ” at a loud volume on the 2nd deck only. Softer separate music may then be played on the main deck in the cabin.

DANCE FLOOR: The 2nd deck on the Navesink Queen is best suited for dancing. In addition to perimeter bench seats there may be as many as 4 picnic benches. We can fold up and stow as many tables as desired to make room for dancing. The crew may also do this after your guests have eaten. Mariner does not have a dance floor option but a Conga Line works well.

TV: Navesink Queen: We have 2 large screen TVs in the main cabin for picture or video scrolls if desired. They may also be used to watch the game or show. Plus, they have camera access to the 2nd deck so folks on the main deck can watch the 2nd deck dancing or band / DJ.

LOAD IN / SET UP: Generally, You (or your caterer / band – DJ ) may load in and set up one hour before departure time (Navesink Queen)  - 45 Minutes for Mariner - 10 minutes for Lady Jill.   Call us when you arrive, and we can bring our dock cart up to help you. Once the boat is ready (we will help you set up as much as we can – decorating etc.) We can begin boarding your guests. Boarding usually begins 15 to 20 minutes before departure. If some guests arrive late, causing us to depart late, we still return at the scheduled time. Please urge your guests to be on time.

DECORATIONS: We will help you with your decorations as much as we can. We supply you with BLUE Painters tape. No other tape, nails or tacks may be used as it will damage the surface. String or twine is permitted. Balloons never fair well in the wind and are not good for sea life.  Balloon release is not permitted.

PARKING: Is abundant and free. Just be sure NOT to park in the paved lot right next to Sissy’s and On the Deck restaurants. Those spots are 2 hours only. If you Google Earth Atlantic Highlands harbor you can get a pretty good layout of parking. For load in / set up you may be able to park in the 10-minute spots in front of Sissy’s. If you were to walk out the back door of Sissy’s, you’ll be on Franks Pier where the Navesink Queen is in slip 65. If you make a right at the front door of Sissy’s and go down the ramp you will be on Pier 1 where you will find the Mariner in slip 3. For your GPS, please use 8 Simon Lake Drive Atlantic Highlands NJ.

The NAVESINK QUEEN is located at FRANK'S PIER at SLIP 65 (toward the end).
The MARINER is located on PIER 1 SLIP 3. (just to the left of the Charter Fishing Boats at Atlantic Highlands Marina).
WE ARE NOT IN HIGHLANDS. Click here for maps and directions.

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